Cargo Lifts

Cargo Lifts

Owning a 2 story house can mean endless stair climbing. But thanks to Southeast Marine, your days of carrying heavy objects up and down the stairs are over. Southeast Marine is setting the industry standard for beach house cargo lifts by making sure you can transport goods between floors quickly and safely.

• Transports up to 1000 lbs.

• Double drive system ensurees safe/reliable operation

• Lifts at a rate of 12 feet per minute

• Convenient remote control operation

• Lockout power switch prevents unauthorized usage

• All aluminum/stainless steel construction

• Designed/engineered to operate in the elements

• Mechanical/electrical components above flood level

• Smart Stop technology – Eliminates cable fowling

• 2 and 3 story models required

• Simple and eay to use

• Backed by the Best Warranty in the Industry