• Ease of maintenance
  • Fits in narrow areas along the dock
  • Fits most pile configurations
  • 33% Faster!
  • Less Cable!

GatorVator™ Lift Design 

Allows us to manufacture a boat lift without the use of an upper structure and only two spools to wind the cable.

Golden GatorVator™ Lift Capacities are…

 2,000#, 4,000#, 7,000#, 10,000# and 14,000#The 2,000# and 4,000# capacity lifts are a one motor, 3 piling lift setup with no upper beams.The 7,000#, 10,000# and 14,000# capacity lifts are 2 motors and are either a 3 piling or a 4 piling configuration.

This is the best boat lift design for many reasons: The GatorVator™ lift requires only two drive spools. They are 3-1/2″ diameter and grooved for the longest cable life possible; the cables never wrap over the top of each other. These lifts have less cable than all other lifts with or without top beams; no electric wires run under the water and the lifting speed is 33% faster.

This design has eliminated the common objections of the top beam of a lift being unsightly and boarding a difficulty. This clean look and easy maintenance makes it a sure winner. It is adaptable to boat houses, existing pilings, and other structures. The GatorVator™ is user and installer friendly!

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