Our docks and decks are customized to fit our customers’ needs and locations. We construct quality docks and decks with extra heavy framing with double sub-stringer support system and heavy marine hardware secured with stainless steel decking screws on all our docks and decks. We offer an array of decking boards, including Ultra Tropical, Azek plastic, Trex composite, wood composite, PVC, IPE Brazilian hardwood, grated (plastic and custom IPE), and we also construct custom concrete docks. If you’re looking for the extraordinary dock or deck, look no further than Southeast Marine.

These special products are all stocked and ready to be installed. We have been specially trained by factory representatives to ensure that the exact specifications are maintained. All our docks and decks are secured to 2.5, CCA, marine treated, wood piles or prestessed concrete piles. 

Nobody tops our workmanship. Every cut, every joint, and every board is perfectly fit together as a standard of Southeast Marine. It’s a level of craftsmanship not found in any other marine construction company.

Check our accessories page for any dock accessory that you might need.

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