Pile Repair

We use a fabricated jacket that creates a clean finish once it is removed. Each pile receives marine grade stainless steel to increase the tensile strength of each wrap. The concrete mixture consists of hand mixed 5000 lbs p.s.i. concrete with special admixtures to prevent water infiltration.

Installing pile wrap on your dock pilings will help protect them from the marine borers. Pile wrap is a .030mil thickness. High density polyethylene black material with a high UV rating. Pile wrap comes in a 60 inch width. To calculate how much pile wrap you will need for each piling simply take the diameter of the piling and multiply it by 3.14 and add 6 inches for overlap. We recommend installing the pile wrap with stainless steel 1 1/2 inch ring-shank roofing nails. Install the nails approximately every 2 inches along the seam for the best result.

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