Wave Armor

WAVE DOCK is a modular floating dock system that revolutionizes the way waterfront home owners and marinas customize their floating dock systems. 

WAVE DOCK unsinkable deck/float sections utilize a proprietary foaming 
process which increases buoyancy and also enhances structural integrity. 

With the proprietary patented H-Beam Channel Lock System,
WAVE DOCK sections are infinitely modular, assemble quickly, and offer a 
solid connection platform with just the right mix of rigidity and flexibility.  

WAVE PORTS feature a 12 ft length to fit any size PWC, a bow stop with tie-down cleats, two entrance rollers, and six 12-inch side rollers. Wave Port pwc ports easily attach to our Wave Dock floating dock system, or can also attach to any other system in a front or side mount configuration, utilizing our custom attachment kits.

WAVE DOCK  floating dock system is available in an esthetically pleasing Pebble Beach textured finish, bringing a rich new look to the industry.

With a full line of Wave Dock Accessories and Custom Attachment Kits (connects Wave Ports to the Wave Dock), the Wave Dock Floating DockSystem has set the new standard for modular floating dock systems. 

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